Seasoned tailgaters take their craft to heart and won't stand for simply hanging in the parking lot with a six pack.

Sports fueled fall festivities are best celebrated in the parking lots and surrounding sports arenas throughout America to fully capture the essence of and excitement of the game. The aroma of mouthwatering, traditional goodies simmering on the grill, along with flowing refreshments sets the scene for unbridled nostalgia and serious bonding. Seasoned tailgaters take their craft to heart and won't stand for simply hanging in the parking lot with a six pack; instead they take their food, drinks and atmosphere into consideration to set the scene for the best afternoon of sports ever.

While the college kids may prefer to kick it with a few beverages and food on-the-go, the more sophisticated tailgater has a number of exciting gadgets and fun tools at their disposal-- party enhancers to make this tailgating event an epic experience.

Team Bean Bag Chairs

You name it, The Northwest Company likely has your team's logo emblazoned on the front of probably the comfiest beanbag chair on the market. Providing team-based seating is what sets the men apart from the boys--you are pledging allegiance to your favorite team, while making sure your tailgating teammates are sitting pretty during the pre-game party. Beanbag chairs are designed from 100% polyester fabric, which means these chairs are ultra easy to clean up in the event of spills. The polystyrene bead fill makes for an extremely comfortable, relaxing experience. The exterior panels match your team colors, while the team logo is displayed front and center.

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NFL Handwarmers

Cold nights and hot games means your fingers may go a little numb from cheering for your team or holding that cold brew all night. No need to check for frostbite when you can instead keep those digits warm using team-backed NFL handwarmers. Brought to you by The Northwest Company, the 100% Polyester, water resistant shell handwarmer retains and traps heat around your hands creating a comfortable experience during the game. Show your team spirit by choosing your favorite NFL team shield, which is stylishly embroidered on the back. A small, zippered pocket allows you to store money, keys and ID, which makes this handy device a fan favorite.

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NFL Flair Hair Visor

Not your average visor, this sun protective hat comes with flared hair! This officially-licensed NFL Flair Hair Visor, delivered by The Northwest Company includes blazing hair made from cotton twill and faux polyester hair lining the top. Each visor comes with team logo sported proudly in front, along with matching team color hair. Choose from 38 team logos with matching hair--you'll always be the life of the party and may give you an edge to land you on the Jumbotron!

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Source: TheStreet