Summer is here and in this house that means lots of lazy days…and I could not be more excited! Beach towels for water activities and blankets for lounging around reading books are what is normally scattered around the house. I find myself much less likely to pick them up during these calm days. The Northwest Company has towels and throw blankets for your favorite sports team, down to your favorite Disney characters. Perfect for covering up on these summer days that coming.

Show off your favorite team with their Officially-Licensed blankets, pillows, towels, bean bags and so much more from the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, MLS and 250+ Colleges! As the #1 throw manufacturer in the United States they can certainly have you covered.

The Harry Potter series will always hold a special place in my heart. Back in college I read through the first 4 books because a friend told me I just had to. I loved them so much that I dragged my then-boyfriend (now-husband) to a store at midnight each time a new book was released. Now my husband is reading through the series with my 7 year old and I have 2 new fans in the house. With this awesome towel I can now show off my Harry Potter love while poolside. It is a standard size towel that does the job of drying off but with some serious style.

I went to the University of Florida and now I am a hard core Gator fan. An orange and blue towel is a must for my husband by the pool. This one is oversized which is great for my oversized husband. No question who we root for on college game day. Of course The Northwest Company has tons of other team options as well…so you can find the right one to show off your team love.

Star Wars is one of my all time favorite franchises. My dad showed me the movies when I was very little and I was hooked. When my daughter was 6 she showed interest in Star Wars and we made sure she was ready to tackle a 6 night movie marathon of one each night. She devoured the movies with such intent and focus. She is now almost as big a fan as I am. Now when we curl up to watch a movie it is under this retro style Star Wars throw. They have several designs to choose from which only means you have a hard decision to make when picking one out.

They have a HUGE selection of Licensed gear:

  • ~Throws and Blankets
  • ~Bedding
  • ~Pillows
  • ~Automotive
  • ~Rugs
  • ~Bathroom Accessories
  • ~Beach Products
  • ~Bean Bag Chairs
  • ~Handwarmers
  • ~And More!!!

The Northwest Company is the lifestyle brand to let you show off who you are with your favorite teams and characters. Whether you’re hanging in your room, experiencing family night while watching a movie or at the stadium rooting for your team The Northwest Company has you covered.

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Source: Outnumbered 3 to 1