Hello weary travelers! The magnificence of Force Friday has descended upon us again, and this time it brings with it a tidal wave of cute creatures. Yes, we mean the porgs! Ahch-To’s native critters—penguin-like birds who will seemingly play a large part in this year’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Will they be the new Ewoks? Well, we LOVE Ewoks, so we can only hope that’s the case! As always, these toy reveals are plentiful and also hint at plot beats and character connections. If we’re to glean anything from the plethora of porgs on offer, it’s definitely that they’ll be teaming up with Chewbacca in some form or another, as was already hinted at in The Last Jedi BTS stills we’ve seen.

So without further ado here are all the Porg products you can take home this Force Friday weekend!

This plushie / blanket combo from Northwest is one of our favorite Force Friday finds, with the most incredible ’90s poster art of Chewie and his brand new bird buds!

Source: Nerdist