Spring means a lot of things for my family, we typically spend a lot of time outside working on the garden, tending to the yard as a whole, or spend out time out playing. for half of my family that means getting the gear out for another year of baseball. My husband coaches my oldest sons baseball team, and working at Schutt's Sports, he knows what the best gear is to get the most out of our sons practice time. When it comes to team gear for our favorite professional team, the St. Louis Cardinals, we tend to look elsewhere for the best deals on products, and as sad as it seems, those deals are not found at the stadium's fan stores. The Northwest offers a variety of sports themed products at the perfect price, and they've recently added new products.

The Northwest, the number one throw manufacturer in the United States, offers many products for the everyday sports fan. From visors, throws, to backpacks, and neck pillows, The Northwest makes supporting your favorite teams part of your everyday routine. They have products you can use at the office, at home, as well as while you're out and about. They cover the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, Collegiate Sports, and MLS. On top of sports, they also feature products that show your love of characters in other entertainment, such as: Star Wars, Marvel, Hasbro, Hello Kitty, Dr. Seuss, and Cartoon Network, as well as others. They have personalization options, and even some multi-team options for those of you who just love the sport.

My son recently received a Cardinals backpack from Northwest and was more than excited to use it at school the next day. Proudly proclaiming how so many of his friends were going to be "so jealous". Make all of your friends and family "So jealous" too! Go to Northwest for all of your fan needs, and they will ensure that you support your favorite team, character, show, or sport in every way you can think of!

Source: My Springfield Mommy