You can’t go a full day without hearing something about Star Wars right now. With The Force Awakens coming out and being sold out already on opening weekend, everyone wants to get their hands on the newest Star Wars gear. Our family, no exception! The Northwest, normally a company known for their amazing sports and entertainment memorabilia for around the house has hit this one out of the ball park.

The comfy throw. You know, to keep warm and watch all the first six movies! Marathon time! Men sometimes think wrapping up in a blanket is just for girls, so now they can Darth Vader themselves (or Storm Trooper, even Chewie out if they like) and just so there is no fear, The Northwest carries even MORE Star Wars gear for you die hard fans. The perfect gifts for the holidays, upcoming birthdays and to say “I am Your Father” on Valentine’s Day…too far? The Force Awakens, or does it cause you to cuddle up and go to sleep?

Their comfy throws come in both adult and children’s sizing and are super affordable. Made of 100% polyester, they are machine washable. The adult comes in at 48″ x 71″ and with the sleeves makes staying warm while surfing the internet for the latest Star Wars gossip still possible. The children’s is 48″ x 48″ and is best suited for children ages 4+ for the right sizing. Now don’t be thrown that a male is wearing it in photos, a woman is more than welcome to grab one for herself as well!

Darth Vader Adult Comfy Throw

Being Darth Vader Youth Comfy Throw

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"Northwest Cares" They take tremendous pride in that they donate 10% or more of their profit every year to over 150 recognized charitable organizations. Northwest also donates over 100,000 blankets per year.

Source: Mommy by Nurture