Woven tapestry throws tend to remind us of our parents or grandparents. I am pleased to announce that not only are they more cozy than ever but they even have woven tapestry throws geared towards children! The Northwest, a leader in fun textiles for the whole family has made some stunning piece for children and of course the Bubble Puppy woven tapestry throw with the “Puppy Pop” design had to be one we got for our Bubble Guppies obsessed toddler.

They also carry the “Guppy Fun” throw which features additional characters. Among many other popular children’s characters which you can look at here. There are over 400 to select from between your favorite sports teams, movies, television shows, and characters for both adults and children.

They are made of 100% polyester which is machine washable and the size is approximately 48″ x 60″.

The first thing Davin wanted to do was turn the recliner in to his own personal Bubble Guppies chair. The size made this possible so he could claim the throne and make Bubble Puppy protect the chair from any other dog in the house or human to steal his spot. Soft enough to utilize while lounging on the sofa and reading a story in the rocking chair but made with top notch quality and precision that only The Northwest is capable of. When you have been in business as long as them you know your textiles pretty well.

The Northwest has so many gift options for the whole family from blanket, robes, bedding, handwarmers, and beyond, with a bit of everything in between. The selection for both adults and children is massive and you can get consumed with the website but the selection hands down is the best. You can do all your holiday shopping in one place and find something for everyone.

“Northwest Cares” they take tremendous pride in that they donate 10% or more of their profit every year to over 150 recognized charitable organizations. Northwest also donates over 100,000 blankets per year.

Source: Mommy by Nurture