This guy has been playing baseball since he was 3. I guess that makes me a baseball mom. Jackson is on a select team which means we get to travel for tournaments. My girls also play softball. Over the years I’ve learned to be prepared for long hours at the ball park. We live in the Pacific Northwest so baseball season sees a pretty wide range of weather from cold wind and rain to hot, sunny days. Here’s my list of the top 5 must-haves for baseball moms:

*Folding Utility Wagon — I’m not sure why I waited so long to get one of these — they are a lifesaver! The parking lot is often quite aways from the ball fields and with 3 kids, we always have a lot to carry. This wagon holds it all and keeps it organized so we always have everything we need with us and we don’t have to make extra trips back to the car. I scored one in team colors! It has two pockets in front to hold water bottles for easy access.

*Large soft sided cooler — packing snacks and drinks is essential. While there is usually a concession stand nearby, the cost of feeding a family of 5 really adds up. We always bring water and plenty of snacks like string cheese, yogurt, fruit, granola bars, pretzels etc. This cooler has lots of extra pockets on the outside. I use them to store the sunscreen, paper plates & utensils, bandaids and any medicines we may need.

*Umbrella — We see a lot of rain in the spring and we never know when we might get an unexpected rain shower. We always pack a large umbrella. It’s also great for shade on sunny days!

*Blanket — this is probably the #1 essential. Metal bleachers are cold on the bum! A blanket helps! We can bundle up when it’s cold or sit on a grassy field when its hot. We love our Mariners Sweatshirt blanket from The Northwest.

*Towels — I’ve found that having a few old towels is always a good idea. We use them to wipe down wet bleacher benches, as a back up for ball drying in wet weather and for the car when the kids get wet or muddy.

Of all the items, a blanket is probably the #1 essential. We love all of our blankets from TheNorthwest. They have an awesome selection no matter what sport or what team your family roots for. We just happen to love our Seattle Mariners. This sweatshirt blanket is generously sized at 54″ x 84″. Importantly, it’s machine washable and folds or rolls up pretty compactly so we still have room for all of our other gear. Nothing says comfort like a cozy sweatshirt and this blanket mimics the feel of your favorite sweatshirt for comfort. It’s warm for those breezy days and also makes a great space to stretch out on the grass for those beautiful sunny baseball days.

Are you a sports mom? What are YOUR essentials for game day? I’d love to hear!

Source: Mommies With Cents