Disney Princess Fleece Blankets

Since we live in upstate New York, we have to deal with the cold for quite a while. And there is nothing better when watching a movie on family movie night (Sunday night’s for us!) and cuddling under a blanket together. I know that some day they will shudder at the thought of cuddling with their mama so I am going to milk it as long as I can. We recently booked a trip to Disney World and it is all they have been talking about since they found out. It is not until October but we are already planning (I am a planner, what can I say?!) and I know that these Disney Princess Fleece Blankets from Northwest will be perfect for the trip!


These blankets are extremely soft and the girls absolutely love them. This will be their first time on a plane and we will be traveling late so I know these will be perfect for napping on the way. They will also be great to cuddle with at the hotel. These blankets are the perfect size for little ones. Northwest has many other blankets and bedding for your little princesses and princes so check out all they have to offer here.

Source: Mama Smith's Review Blog