As a native Arizonan that’s now living in the New England, there are a few things that I’ve been unwilling to relinquish: My taste for authentic Mexican food, an unwillingness to drop my “R’s”, and my support of the Arizona Cardinals.

The first two were relatively easy to pull off, but the support of a team that’s not the New England Patriots, in a place where that’s the only team that matters, tends to be a little more challenging. I have to admit that I’ve never really been one to decorate with sports team garb, but I’ve been rethinking that lately. For the first time in my life the brandishing of team colors feels more like a survival tactic than a past-time.

Coincidentally, that’s when was contacted by The Northwest asking if we’d like to review one of their products. I thought, “It’s football season, I live in New England, why not get a blanket?”

So, the fine folks at The Northwest shipped off this Arizona Cardinals NFL “Touchback” Raschel Throw for us to check out!

Now, there’s some specific, but simple criteria that I stick to when calculating the quality of blanket or throw:

1. Does it provide warmth?

2. Does it feel cheap and synthetic or plush and comfortable?

3. Can you display it in the house without wanting to burn down the room where it sits?

I can say that my experience teetered in the positive direction.

The throw checked all of the right boxes. Although it was polyester, it actually felt more like cotton. The colors were bright, but not so crazy that you’d be scared to display it, and it provides plenty of comfort when it’s chilly.

Our recommendation? Give them a shot!

Source: Fatherhood Factor