For over 30 years, The Northwest Company has been creating a collection of quality and affordable sports and entertainment products crafted from the finest fabrics around the world.

The was given the opportunity to test a couple of the products produced by The Northwest Company for the Denver Broncos who are representing the AFC in this year’s 50th Super Bowl. We were given a throw blanket and a hand warmer known as the Northwest On-Field Handwarmers.

The blanket known as Denver Broncos NFL “Deep Slant” Micro Raschel Throw is a one-of-a-kind Denver Broncos design that looks great on any bed, the back of a couch or as a decorative piece on your bedroom chest. Known as “the best blankets in the game” this is part of an exclusive line of throws representing the Denver Broncos. But if this is not your team, you can always get your teams exclusive throws as The Northwest Company has the exclusive for any NFL, NHL and USC Trojans. This throw blanket is lightweight but very warm and is and is very stylish with the proud colors of the Denver Broncos. The quality of the throw blanket is one of the finest you will see and the stitching is one of the best you will ever find. And as you are watching the game, you can cozy up in this beautiful Denver Broncos colors and enjoy. If you want a blanket that will be the envy while outdoors, you can fold this nicely and carry it into any stadium or outdoor activity. No matter if indoors or out, this blanket is sure to keep you warm, in style and be the envy of anyone around you.

The Northwest On-Field Handwarmer is another amazing product designed by The Northwest Company and is the official hand warmer warn by Peyton Manning and other Denver Broncos players when on the field.

The hand warmers look like a fanny pack but serve a much better purpose. And since the weather has been fairly cold in Denver the timing of receiving this great product could not have been better. And with an outdoor job of a photographer this is a relief to have.

The hand warmer straps around your waist with an adjustable belt much like a backpack or a fanny pack. It is lightweight and is the dark blue color of the Denver Broncos. On one side is the NFL logo and the other is the Denver Broncos emblem. The top has a small zipper pouch big enough to hold a cell phone, keys or wallet.

And once you place your hands in the warmer, the inside lining is an instant relief on your hands. A great thing about the hand warmer is you can interlock your hands to add more body heat to keep them warm. At times wearing gloves, your fingertips can become cold and even wearing mittens, your hand is intact with all fingers to keep a little warmer. But if you wear gloves or mittens you know that you find yourself at times trying to warm the hands by rubbing together. With the hand warmer, this does not have to be something you worry about. Just put your hand in and since there is no barrier between your hands, you can place your hands on top of each other and keep body heat more intact than gloves.

Whether you are waiting for a bus in the early mornings or maybe that late night train, your hands will stay warm. It is a great tool to have in the camera bag for photographers. As these people work in all types of weather, this would be a handy, lightweight piece of equipment that you can keep your hands warm. And after all, if you work with your hands like photographers do, the hand warmer would be a critical piece that stays out of your way. When you are waiting to capture the right photo and the weather is cold, you can keep the fingers warm and ready to go at any time.

Any outdoor activity would benefit immensely from wearing the hand warmers. They are not only for the professional athletes but they can be part of a little league uniform. Soccer player’s play in all sorts of weather and this is one way to protect another portion of your body. Even if it is for just a moment that you put your hands in, it is better than nothing.

As far as any reasons not to have the hand warmers, the only sensible reason that comes to mind is if in fact you are a glove only wearing individual. But if you give the hand warmers a try, you might just have a need to not only have the gloves but keep the warmer around your waist. Once on, you will not feel anything getting in the way of any activity. And even if you do wear gloves, there is still room to put your gloved hands in the warmer and find a way to add extra warmth.

If you are passionate about sports and being in style, check out The Northwest Company for the best products in the world of sports and entertainment.