If your kids are big sports fans like mine, with lots of seasons just getting started or already underway, they love finding fun ways to show off their team spirit. However, lots of schools are starting to ban team jerseys (for real), meaning kids have to get a little creative when it comes to supporting their favorite team.

And for those of you with kids who have to wear uniforms to school, then it’s an automatic no-go for any sports-related clothing.

So we’ve looked at some fun ways kids can show their team spirit that are still clever and cool, on behalf of our newest sponsor, The Northwest. They make of tons of back-to-school gear featuring your kid’s favorite teams (or hey, even your own) including backpacks, lunchboxes, and a whole lot more.

The best part: kids can do these all things themselves. No advance crafting skills necessary!

Team backpacks and lunch boxes

A fun way for kids to show exactly which team they support — besides wearing it on their chests — is with a bold team logo on their backpack or lunch box. And that’s exactly what our sponsor The Northwest offers, and super affordably too.

(Hello, $19.99 backpack!)

The lunch boxes offer full insulation, while the backpacks are smartly designed with padded straps and a padded back panel, plus mesh side pockets for water bottles. Gotta keep our little sports fans hydrated, right? At these prices, you can snatch up your kids’ favorite teams across different sports, so they can change things up based on the season.

Also smart: grab a few to give out as incredibly thoughtful birthday party gifts throughout the year, as we all know back-to-school means tons of birthday parties.

Thanks to our sponsor The Northwest for making it fun for kids to show their team spirit. Check out their site for tons of gifts and gear, including blankets, duffel bags, bedding and more.


Source: Cool Mom Picks