Getting the perfect gift for a guy is not only complicated, but nerve-wracking. The things you probably want to get them (like a vintage record player, first edition book or weekend trip to the caribbean) are totally out of your price range. And yet anything less can feel like too little. Luckily, there are plenty of cheap gifts for guys in 2016 that will still seem personal without breaking the bank.

And a lot of times, it seems like there's not a lot in between a single guitar pick and that expensive cocktail making kit when you look through gift guides. So what do you do when you're buying gift for a friend or a brother or a dad or an uncle or someone you just started dating? How do you show them that you're thinking of them and you care about them without spending too much or going through the trouble of wrapping a pen that you know they'll never use or maybe even regift?

To ease this confusion, I've done some research and pulled together some super affordable gifts that don't feel half-assed and will make the gift-receiver feel appreciated and warm. Becasue no one wants you to go into debt over a gift and no one wants you to stress out over finding the perfect gift that's personal and meaningful and creative and unique and unlike anything they've every received — gift-giving doesn't always have to be that intense. Here are some cheap gift ideas for the men in your life:

Sports Team Throw

You can never have enough blankets, so get your guy a throw with his favor sports team on it. It's easy, it's thoughtful, and it's warm.

Fleece Throw, $20, Northwest Company

Source: Bustle