In this week’s gear guide for bros we see everything from a survival grenade that just might save your ass if you’re ever in a bind to an exquisite cocktail set, and everything in between. This week’s ‘Things We Want, Gear Guide For Bros’ truly covers the complete spectrum of everything a bro might want (and need) in his life. We’ve got a little something for every bro.

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Football Bedding, Blankets, And Hand Warmers For Fans That Want To Go All In

Do you need an NFL replica hand warmer just like your quarterback wears on Sundays? Absolutely not. Does that mean you shouldn’t buy one? Hell no, you’re a grown ass man and if you want an NFL hand warmer then dammit you’re gonna buy one (they retail for $24.95)!

It’s perfectly acceptable to throw your fandom in other people’s faces as often as you please and as loudly as you want, just so long as you’re doing it the right way. Are you a diehard ‘Bama fan and want the world to know it? Check out these throw blankets right hurrr. In fact, I suggest you buy one and turn it into a cape, because real fans wear capes. That company, The Northwest, has licensing agreements with nearly every college (and pro team), which means if you’re looking for something to show your school pride then chances are you’re going to find it by clicking that link below.


Source: BroBible