As you all know Easter is less than a month away and it is time to get those baskets ready. I have always enjoyed making custom baskets for my family based on what they enjoy. One of the most important things, is to actually get that person something that they can enjoy throughout the year. The Northwest Company is recognized as a leader in the home textile industry and they are the number one throw manufacturer in the United States. The Northwest offers a wide range of throws from sports and entertainment. Their throws are the perfect addition to really be able to customize a great basket for family or friends.

One example of the throws that they offer is the Pop Elvis Tapestry Throw. As you all know I am a huge fan of anything pop art. I just love the style and the color it can bring to a home. Personally, this is the first throw, that I have that is made with such wonderful workmanship and design. I am in love with the quality of this throw! Everything from the fringe to the colors that were used are perfect. Here are some closer pictures so you really can see the design and quality.

The throw itself is not very heavy at all, perfect for taking to the pool or just relaxing listening to some music. The throw measures 48″ x 60″, so it it perfect for just about any use. On their site it mentions that this would be perfect as a wall covering as well. I do honestly believe it really would. Since I have received this my little boy, Ricky, has taken it over. He literally will not let this out of his sight. It is so funny! Even when I was trying to take pictures, BAM he was there. he he he.

Both Ricky and I highly recommend checking out The Northwest Company this Easter Season. The Pop Elvis Tapistry Throw is priced at $34.95 which is a great deal for the quality and style of this throw. This throw is recognized as a Signature Elvis Presley product. Not much of an Elvis fan? They also offer many other entertainment throws including “I Love Lucy”, Betty Boop, Disney and many more.

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