As most of you know if you follow me on social media that I have been away covering the NYCC which I must say was fantastic. When I got home, I was totally and utterly exhausted. The first thing that I did was reach for my Northwest Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man throw with sleeves. This has to be the most comfortable throw ever because of how freaking cute it is.

Being a huge Marvel fan myself I could not wait to get my hands on this baby. I have long time been a fan of all throws from the Northwest, but this thing is tops. One of the reasons that I love it so much is because of the sleeves. Since I am a blogger, there is never a time when I am not typing or reaching out on social media. The sleeves make it perfect!!

You’ll feel as though you have Spider-Man’s superpowers with Marvel’s Spider-Man Adult Comfy Throw by The Northwest Company! Decorated with your favorite Marvel superhero, this blanket with sleeves is not only colorful and vibrant; but also soft and warm! Made of soft, luxurious fleece with oversized loose fitting sleeves, this comfy throw lets your upper body remain protected from the cold while leaving arms and hands-free to use a laptop, TV remote, read a book, eat a snack, enjoy an outdoor sports event, and much more! Measures 48”x 71”. Machine washable.

If you are not much for a throw that you actually wear the Northwest offers a ton of different Marvel throws. These would be perfect for just cozying up to a movie or chilling playing your favorite Marvel game. Even my dog feels like he has superpowers.

I chose to receive the Avengers throw because I have somewhat of a crush on Captain America, how sexy, right? Ok. Back on topic. This throw is everything I could have imaged from the Northwest and more. The colors are so vivid, and the throw itself is super soft and warm.

As I am still recovering from my adventure at this moment, I am wrapped up in the throw with sleeves. Not only does the Northwest offer an adult size but also children as well. Head on over to their site and check out all the Marvel products and more.

Source: Bites Reviews You Can Use