The Northwest Company Back-to-School In Comfort

As the back-to-school season creeps in, one other function that you and your family will be attending is either school sporting events or pro sporting events. Either is a great way to spend quality time with the family. As the nights begin to get colder and darker one way that I found to stay warm on these chilly nights is using a warm blanket.

I know that many of you will be scrambling this fall to find that perfect light coat or outfit to attend functions this fall, but one other way for you to stay warm is to use a The Northwest Company blankets. Carrying a blanket along to such events can save you from having to worry about your younger children or yourself getting cold during the games.

This is also absolute perfect blanket if you are heading off to college! The Northwest Company offers a wide choice of teams to choose from like, Penn State and Alabama. They also offer NFL, MBL, NLS, NBA and NHL teams, so whichever are your favorite they have you covered.

When I head off to sporting events either at the high school, at college or professionally I am always sure to grab three things to make sure that I am ready for a night of fun. The first of course being a blanket. I received the Penn State Nittany Lions “Jersey” Sherpa Throw and when I can get it away from my dog Ricky, this is my go-to blanket on a chilly night.

It is hard for me even to describe the softness! It is like wrapping your body in a cloud. This OFFICIAL Collegiate 50”x 60” Sherpa Throw by The Northwest Company provides you with a thick layer of softness that you can sink into and feel absolutely cozy in.

I don’t think that in my lifetime I have ever felt something so soft when it comes to a blanket. The quality is super nice and the stitching around the outside of the blanket is very nice. I could not find any flaws to this blanket at all! The color was spot on when it comes to the Nittany Lion colors, blue and white, and the thickness was perfect as well.

It is not so thick that you will be sweating while watching your favorite team shoot for victory this fall, but just perfect to keep you comfortable. The price of this Sherpa Throw by The Northwest Company is $34.95, which is not bad in my book for the extreme comfort and quality. The only thing that I wish is that I could wrap myself in this blanket all winter till warmer weather arrives again.

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